What My clients experience

I just can’t thank you enough. Our conversations took such interesting paths and I appreciate all of your insights and guidance.

- Senior Marketing Director

Tim, you have helped me grow tremendously. I would not be where I am today without your guidance, direction, and support. I feel nervous, yet excited for this next monumental stage.
-  Health Care Entrepreneur

“Incredibly encouraging.  He instills in me that he has a grasp of the multiple complexities going on in my life.  He is incredibly affirming.”

- Director, Insurance Industry

Good listener.  Exudes confidence in his coaching.  He cares.  Generous with his learning.  

​- Leadership Coach

With Tim’s Leadership Coaching I have improved my negotiating, problem solving, business case presentations and interaction with administration. Tim’s approach is calm, focused, supportive, professional and non-judgmental.

- Physician Leader

Tim’s approach and interaction style: 

  • Inquisitive
  • Supportive
  • Confidence
  • Holds me accountable
  • Keeps me focused on moving forward, while celebrating what I have accomplished

​- CEO Health Care Delivery Organization

“Tim seems to really have a very good grasp of who I am as a person (and) as a leader.”

​- Physician Leader

Tim’s presence in coaching conversations is terrific. When you talk to him for two minutes (you) instantly trust (him). Very strong approachability and warmth.

- CEO HealthCare Services

“He is absolutely very engaging, very consistent.  Very good in drawing out details that lead us to future discussion.”

​- Division President Retail

Cares so much!  Tremendous empathy.  Really good at being present with you.  You feel “felt” when you are with Tim.

“Soft power is how I would describe him”.  He has a command without being demanding”.

Entrepreneur / CEO

Working with Tim and going through the EQ in Action profile made a huge impact on my life personally and professionally. I was going through life thinking things were “fine” but the profile and our debrief picked up a few key areas in my life that needed to change. This was huge.  Sometimes you need an outside objective source to wake you out of your daily routine and say, “This could be better!”  Tim and my EQ profile were those outside sources.

- Trainer - Financial and Insurance Industries

I just wanted to reach out and say “thank you” for being a key resource to explore ideas, think through challenges, and maintain my focus. I feel the most engaged I have been in any position, and couldn’t be happier.

- CFO Global Non Profit Organization